• Jonathan Harmon

How to Create Your Facebook Business Page


As you adapt your marketing strategy to grow your business in the ever-changing retail marketplace, a Facebook business page can be a valuable tool to help drive sales.

Whether you're planning to post, use Facebook ads, and/or sell directly, you need to create a business Facebook page.

Don't worry, setting up a business Facebook page is fairly easy and this article will walk you through the process.

Step One: Log Into Your Personal Facebook Account

Every Facebook business page is tied to a personal page, so the first step to creating your business Facebook page is logging into your personal Facebook page.

If you don't have a personal Facebook page, you will need to create one. You can learn how from this article on the Facebook help page.

Step Two: Create A New Facebook Page

After logging into your personal Facebook page, click the + icon to open the "Create" menu.

Choose "Page" from the Create menu to complete this step.

Step Three: Name Your Business Page

Type the name of your business in the "Page name" field located under the "Page Information" heading in the slide-out menu located on the left side of your screen to name your business Facebook page.

Enter the name you want your customers and prospects to see, this may be different from the legal name of your business (i.e. Jay's Gifts, instead of Jay Enterprises LLC).

Step Four: Choose Your Facebook Business Page Categories

After entering your page name, you will need to assign your page to at least one category (you can assign up to three) to help people find your page.

You assign your page to a category using the category field located in the left side slide out menu.

Typing in the category field, will activate a drop-down list with suggested categories. Click on a category in the drop-down list to add your page to that category.