• Jonathan Harmon

3 Ways to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales

Retail can be very rewarding, but it takes hard work to be successful.

Even during the best of times, some businesses thrive while others fail.

The unprecedented perfect storm of challenges now facing retailers is making it even harder to succeed.

Fortunately, the old saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” holds true and retailers are some of the toughest around.

Read on to "get going" with 3 Ways to Drive Traffic and Increase Revenues.

Make Sure Your Current and Prospective Customers Know You are Open

This may seem like a real no-brainer, but take a minute to think about it.

Do your customers know you are open?

Changes in local ordinances, staffing issues, and supply chain disruptions have forced some businesses to change schedules or close temporarily.

Other businesses have closed permanently without notice.

Consumers are planning shopping trips more carefully and need to know you will be open for business when they arrive.

It is essential that you make your current operating status and business hours of operation crystal clear and easily available to current and prospective customers.

Make sure to take the following steps to ensure everyone knows what days and times your business will be open for operation:

Update Your Storefront Signage

Make sure that any days/hours posted are accurate and up to date on window signs.

Replace burned out bulbs and/or repair neon in lighted signs. Remind staff to turn signs on upon opening each morning and off at closing.

Put an a-frame "open" sign on the sidewalk in front of your store to help improve visibility and capture potential drive-by traffic.

Update your Google My Business Listing

Your Google My Business listing is often the first result when a customer or prospect searches for your business on their computer, phone, or mobile device.

The Google My Business listing can include a lot of information about your business including:

  • phone number

  • address

  • website link

  • directions

  • reviews

  • hours of operation

  • photos

  • profile description

Your Google My Business account is a key place to update hours of operation.

Even if you never created an account, for your business, there is a good chance Google created a barebones account for you based on third-party information. Unfortunately, the information in these types of profiles are incomplete and often inaccurate.

It is a very good idea to claim your Google My Business account and update it ASAP to avoid missing out on valuable store traffic.

To learn more about Google My Business accounts and how to use them, start with the following articles:

Update Your Social Media Channels

More people are staying at home and using social media to safely connect with friends and family.